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Reach for Shoulder Health

I understand the shoulder pain. In high school, I use to have so much pain holding onto a single leg, getting powerhalfed, and even during handfighting. I would ice my shoulder everyday at lunch and after I got home from practice. I was told to strengthen my back muscles and improve my posture. People would tell me my shoulders were weak and rounded forward, that’s why they were hurting.

So I did the banded rotator cuff drills, I did the band pull-aparts and facepulls, and I focused all of my training to extra back work, but still no improvement. At this point I could do over 10 strict pull-ups and dumbbell rowed half of my bodyweight, I don’t think my back strength was the problem..

I have to come to understand that it was not my ability to pull my shoulder blades back, but a problem with moving them forward.

If your shoulder hurts when it is reached out forward and overhead, get better at reaching it forward and overhead. Pressing and pulling movements, with the arms reached out is required for improvement. Training this position will provide strength and stability for when that position comes up in wrestling.

You must build some resilience if you want to see improvements on the mat. Use the gym to improve your body’s ability to handle positions that give you pain.

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