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Keep Lifting Weights, Maybe Just Switch Up the Style

Going for a walk won’t improve a wrestler’s cardio. It will probably make them feel good and give some health benefits, but a better gas tank isn’t one of them. It’s too easy, the body has nothing to adapt to.

There isn’t enough stress.

But if that person is out of shape with horrible cardio, it will benefit them more. It will be enough stress and a big enough stimulus to make that person’s body adapt. They will need recover from it and their body will change to better handle anything that stressful.

This same concept applies to building muscle, getting stronger, and literally shaping you. A few push-ups for one person is like benching double bodyweight for another person. Stress is relative to each person.

You’ve made changes through stress, so you’ll have to continue to apply stress for any change that you want. Maybe just different stress.

Genetics, wrestling, and your style of lifting weights is the stress that has shaped you. You have built up strength in some positions and have put on muscle to certain parts of your body.

You obviously cannot change your genetics, move on.

You shouldn’t change your wrestling, do what you have to do to score points and win, reach out to a skills coach to get better at that.

You can change up your lifting routine. You can get strong in positions that you are weak in and work muscles that haven’t gotten much attention.

People will need different kinds of lifting in relation to their structure, Some people need to work more relaxed positions and let their backs round a little. While others just need to get tighter and puff their chest out.

But the main thing to take away is that the growth will happen through lifting weights and stressing your system. You will need to be uncomfortable and try new exercises. You should be sore in new places and feel some stuff that you usually don’t.

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