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Eric Pullman
-Founder Pullman Performance 2019-Now
-Strength and Conditioning at Division 1 Long Island University Wrestling
-Bachelor's Degree in Health and Wellness

My Story:
I get it. I always felt like the weaker wrestler on the mat. I didn't know what to do. I always had nagging pains that didn't allow me to train. 

I learned how to beat these problems. I figured out how to train around injuries and become more resilient. Getting bigger, faster, and stronger all while wrestling and staying on the mat.
Evan Glasgold
Evan Glasgold.jpg
Evan has been coaching athletes since 2018. Originally coaching powerlifters, he’s progressed his way to work with athletes of all kinds. A former wrestler himself, he felt drawn to join Eric at Pullman Performance. Evan is an active competitor in jiu-jitsu events. He won four silver medals in powerlifting at the 2018 World Championships. His best lifts are a 551lbs squat, 380lbs bench press, and a 580lbs deadlift. Evan has always felt drawn to S&C coaching so that he can help athletes become stronger, faster, and healthier than they’d ever dreamed.
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